BA in Sustainability from Goddard College  |  Permaculture Design Certification (Prospect Rock, VT)  |  Ecovillage Design Certification (Gaia Education)  | Visited dozens of communities across four continents

About Me

My dream is yours – to leave this world better than I found it. Hundreds of thousands share this dream too and are uniting in a call to action. Despite moments of grief, I feel blessed to be alive now, as just one participant in a vast movement shifting humanity’s story, building a world based on love and respect for all life.

I’m a cultural creative with a diversity of passions. I read furiously, travel widely, and share myself to support the movement of movements. From an early age I taught myself how to garden and cook, deeply studying ancient practices of living with the land. From there I went on to teach permaculture to American university students, European farming communities, and villagers in rural Africa. More recently, my focus is in the “soft skills,” working with groups to shift consciousness and collaborate across sectors of society. Intentional communities and ecovillages are a key part of this mission. I serve on the Boards of several community networking organizations and offer consultation to community projects. I also design and produce educational experiences, and through doing so, have acquired skills in marketing, website, and graphic design. My perfect day is a dance between the sun filled garden, a collaborative project through the interwebs, and sharing meaningful conversation with friends. I have home-bases in Asheville, NC and Boston, MA, although I’m often on the move, linking projects and minds globally, but with focuses in Europe and Central America.


My Work


Marketing Specalist
An online platform connecting people with transformational travel experiences at impact centers.


Co-founder + Event Director
Engaging young people with educational opportunities and events at ecovillages. Regional Chapter.


Program Director
A center for sustainability and cultural exchange in Togo, West Africa. Operating volunteer programs in 2015.

Global Ecovillage Network

Board Member
GEN is a global alliance sharing solutions and representation for ecovillage projects around the world.

Fellowship for Intentional Community

Board Member
FIC is dedicated to supporting intentional communities and promoting cooperative culture.

Holon Earth

Co-founder + Consultant
Through whole systems design, Holon Earth is catalyzing people and projects for a regenerative world.